What we do

evalux is a service provider that primarily offers evaluation, research, and analysis. We operate at the intersection of science and practice. With that in mind, we undertake research and development, and offer consulting services.

We work according to international standards for evaluation, data protection and data confidentiality, research ethics and social research. evalux combines qualitative and quantitative methods, depending on the information needs and research interests of the client.

We examine the object of research and evaluation from all angles in order to conduct a thorough analysis. We often use a participative approach and always take the interests and needs of different stakeholders into account.

The team

Culture and Media, International Cooperation

Society, Environment & Ecology and Economy

Managing Director, Infrastructure, ZEVeD

Bildung, Kinder und Jugendliche, Organisationen

The partners

Cooperation for European Evaluation (C2E)

C2E is a network of small and medium sized companies specializing in policy design, impact assessment, and evaluation.

The Network was established at the 9th Conference of the European Evaluation Society in Prague (October 2010). Initiated by Euréval with the purpose to institutionalize the cooperation with its regular partners across Europe, C2E was established on a basis of shared principles:

  • Common professional values matching international professional standards
  • An internal quality management system that ensures high standards
  • Wide geographical coverage at the EU level
  • Jointly developed working practices and the exchange of information and experience

The network consists of 12 members covering 15 EU Member States and Switzerland. C2E combines over 150 in-house experts specialized in evaluation and impact assessment in a variety of sectors.

Each member operates countrywide. All members are independent and follow a quality based consulting approach. Notably, all members are either founding members or members of their national evaluation societies.

The overall competence of the Network is strengthened by the specialization of each member. Each member does not only have international experience in carrying out evaluations and impact assessments, but is also experienced in designing policy, and in conducting economic and social research. Members have a wide network of international relations and have carried out assignments in many member states, as well as in developing countries and emerging economies.

Our internal communication system allows for an on-going information exchange among C2E members.