Are you committed to social cohesion and participation? Do you create spaces for expression and dialogue, mediate between individuals and groups with different points of view and life realities or advocate a balanced distribution of resources? We support you in your endeavours by making your achievements and potential visible.

We find ourselves in a world in upheaval. Transformation processes on different levels are changing how we relate to each other, communicate with each other and behave towards each other. Globalisation, migration, digitalisation, polarisation and individualisation are some of the issues and challenges that shape our times. These are also the issues our clients face - and the issues we face together with them. We accompany projects and programmes that contribute to guiding different population groups through processes of change and negotiation and to integrating them into a common narrative of society as a whole.

When developing evaluation concepts, we pay particular attention to accommodating the complexity of the social issues we investigate and accompany. For this purpose, we use diversity- and context-sensitive approaches and pursue an interdisciplinary approach. It is a central concern of ours to design evaluation processes in such a way that they stimulate sustainable learning among the actors involved and to encourage them to think ahead independently. Only in this way can the profound and long-term benefits of an evaluation unfold, which we work towards together with our clients. Whenever possible and useful, we bring all relevant actors on board to achieve the broadest possible acceptance and multi-layered commitment with regard to the aspired goals. In order to do justice to the processes, objects and groups to be accompanied and evaluated, as well as to fulfill the objectives of the evaluation, we work with a broad spectrum of methodological approaches. We ensure that the timing and form of the evaluation results favour the greatest possible benefit.