Scientific services

Our interdisciplinary background constellation guarantees that all our projects are scientifically supported at an academic level. As our team combines the expertise not only of humanists and social scientists, but also of natural and structural scientists, we regularly think outside the box and find creative and original solutions. Even if you don't need an evaluation, you will benefit from this approach[OLD: we will be happy to help you]:

We apply the methods of empirical social research in both on-the-ground and remote data collection to ensure scientifically sound results. We develop the appropriate research tools for data collection for the most complex questions.

We are able to manage and process large amounts of data without any problems - whether from surveys, public databases and other data sources or from your own database. If required, we can automatically and accurately generate large numbers of analyses and reports.

Our expertise in mathematics enables us to carry out analyses that go beyond descriptive statistics. The implementation of diverse statistical techniques allows us to uncover also hidden insights. We may employ georeferenced, spatial and temporal dimensions of data or cluster analysis to produce evidence-based answers to your questions.

We can also support you in effectively illustrating and presenting your finding, in finding disseminations for public use or within your organization. We draft publications according to your preferences and in accordance with your corporate design. In this connection we take into account the principles of scientific work and publishing as well as findings from cognitive science and perception psychology. We professionally take care of the typesetting to create a template that is ready for printing.