Research & Development

Research and development are for us integral parts of every project. We develop innovative methods to meet the specific challenges of each project. We use technology creatively and flexibly to ensure a streamlined, efficient and high quality project execution.

In the course of our many years of experience, we have tested and further developed the established methods in the areas of evaluation and consulting as well as our scientific services. We have an array of reliable methods at our disposal, which we adapt specifically to the needs of our partners and the requirements of each project.

For (online) surveys, we have developed technical solutions that support qualitative and quantitative] data collection and analysis and ensure high quality data processing and analysis. Our survey tools enable the automated, efficient and reliable management of large amounts of data. Thanks to the flexibility of our analytical procedures, we can fulfil individual and complex requests.

Our IT infrastructure allows us to operate qualitative and quantitative data collection processes also by remote through conference calls, video conferences, tailor-made apps that can be used by participants to share data. In this context, we always guarantee the highest safety and privacy standards. To promote a participatory approach in our projects, amongst others, we have also developed tools, such as cooperative online platforms. These ensure transparency, facilitate communication and the exchange of information and promote the participation of various actors.

Our tools are intended to be used not only by experts, but also by our partners. To this end, we provide the necessary know-how for independent use if required.
Due to our expertise, methods and technical instruments, we are able to meet new challenges and are always happy to accept them.