Evaluation & Consulting

With our evaluation and consulting services, we offer you professional support for the optimisation and development processes of your institution, programs or projects.

Evaluation is for us a way to analyse processes, procedures, structures and contents in detail. In cooperation with our clients, we design tailor-made evaluation concepts. We review assumptions and hypotheses systematically and critically. Evaluations also offer a new and externally facilitated context for communication amongst diverse stakeholders. This creates a constructive starting point for decision-making and conflict solving.

We pursue a constructive and participatory approach throughout the evaluation process. We design our interventions according to the desired degree of participation in continuous exchange with the involved parties and the client. The acceptance of the engagement and of the findings represents the starting point for promoting the readiness for critical-constructive reflection. Our experience shows that evaluations carried out in a cooperative and communicative environment yield outcomes which are both based on robust data and encourage a greater willingness to change.

In our projects, we strive for an intensive and trusting cooperation with stakeholders in order to meet the demands and complexity of the tasks. By integrating the perceptions, needs, suggestions and criticisms raised by all parties involved in the evaluation process, we ensure that the object of evaluation is considered from different perspectives. This applies to conception and planning as well as to data collection, analysis and reporting.

An ongoing exchange with the client (briefing and debriefing) ensures transparency. Of course, our conclusions and recommendations are fact-based, i.e. the existing and produced data material is used to explain how an assessment was developed.

We always prepare the evaluation findings and information about the evaluation process in a comprehensive and appealing way so that they can be used sustainably by our clients. On request, we advise and accompany you individually and in detail regarding the change processes following an evaluation.

Evaluations and consulting always also include an interpersonal level. This is why it is important for us to collect data in a way that is sensitive to nuances. This is guaranteed on the one hand by the careful selection of qualitative and quantitative approaches, and on the other hand by the use of facilitation techniques and approaches to mediating. The evalux team guarantees absolute confidentiality and respect in dealing with the participants as well as with the gathered data and information. This also applies to any publications or presentations of results.

Our offers reflect both the latest technical and methodological standards as well as our experience. They meet the following criteria:

  • Accuracy of fit
  • Transparency in the presentation of the understanding of the task, purpose, methods, price, time planning, etc..
  • Differentiated pricing

In order to warrant high-quality analyses, evalux adheres to the recognised evaluation standards as formulated by DeGEval, OECD/DAC, SEVAL, and the World Bank.